WindHaven WoodStudio

WindHaven WoodStudio is a custom woodworking and woodturning studio owned and operated by a central Iowa artisan specializing in small, high quality, hardwood products ranging from spinning tops to fashion jewelry, woven looking scrolled baskets, garden dibbles, kitchen spurtles, elegant ring holders, figured round and square wooden bowls and platters, and many other fine decorative and practical pieces.

In addition, we make Memory Wood items re-purposed from artifacts with special meaning for or from loved friends and relatives. Perhaps Grandpa had a favorite rocker that is just out of place in new surroundings but you'd like to have a decorative bowl or platter made from it as a remembrance. Or maybe that favorite tree you used to swing from as a child has blown down in a storm and you'd like to have a remembrance made from a piece of the fallen tree. You get the idea..............

For more information or custom requests, please contact us.