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Take your online shop to market.

  • ZERO Goodsmiths marketplace transaction fees
  • Swipe credit card payments and enter cash transactions
  • ZERO payment processing fees for the first 30 days (to $1,000)
  • Manage inventory and get order history on the go

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  1. Select Goods to Sell

    Easily choose which items the customer is ready to buy. Enter a new item or deal price to close the sale quickly.
  2. Make the sale!

    View the total items and price in your bag. You can choose cash or credit and quickly make the transaction.
  3. Swipe the credit card

    Make secure credit card swipes via our partner PayAnywhere. Processing fees are just 2.69%, with no Goodsmiths fees.

You’ll Be a Rockstar Shop

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Thousands of Goodsmiths users are taking their online shops to market. Usually you pay 2.5% in transaction fees, but with Swipe, mobile transactions are always free. And with a Rockstar shop, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited published items
  • Easy Etsy import
  • Live chat assistance
  • Free, 100% secure card reader
  • Automatic Swipe inventory syncing
  • No Goodsmiths fees for Swipe sales
  • 2.69% PayAnywhere processing fees
  • See all plan features
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