Pink and Silver, Orange and Gold Paper Flower Hairpins


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I recently came across some paper flower hairpins I made a couple of years ago. They were stashed under some fabric at the bottom of a box, so they have been very well preserved. I made them for a craft swap & an artist market where I used to sell. Digging around in old boxes after moving feels like a treasure hunt!

These are paper flowers with metal brad centers glued to bobby pins. The flowers are glued to the pins & then a felt circle (okay, more like an oval) is glued to the back of the flower.

Each hairpin is unique & these are the last available. No more can be made.

~ The bobby pins are the standard dark brown/black style, approx. 2in long.
~ The round orange flowers are approx 2.5in diameter, with some layers having gold accents. I have seven of these, one of them came off the pin & I left it loose. You can pick if you want it back on a bobby pin, or made into something else.
~ The five petal pink flowers are approx 2.25in diameter, with some layers having silver accents. I have five of these left.
~ The flowers have been treated with two coats of a clear, water based finish to protect them.

In two of the photos the flowers are grouped by color, orange & pink, & then each one is numbered. When you order, please include the color & number of each hairpin you want in the notes section of your order. (i.e. Pink 3, Orange 5). If you want the loose one, just note "loose orange" & how you want it mounted. It can be put on any color of bobby pin, a snap barrette, or a pin back.

~ Contact me if you have any questions!


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