Goodsmiths is the Marketplace for Makers. We make it easy to sell handmade goods, so you can spend more time doing what you love: making. We're building an innovative website to empower your handmade business – and we're working tirelessly to spread the word. We believe makers are the future. And we want to be part of yours.

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Who We Are

Goodsmiths was started in the Midwest by two technology entrepreneurs — James Eliason and Levi Rosol. We surrounded ourselves with crazy-smart developers, writers, designers and community builders and built the platform. And we’re excited about what it’s become. But it takes more than just us to create the best online marketplace for handmade goods.

We need you.

As entrepreneurs, we're makers, too, and we need your help to bring in new ideas, shops and buyers. Join our community and help us build a better marketplace.

Why Goodsmiths?

We know it's hard to get noticed online, so we're building features to help more people find your goods. And we're bringing a larger audience to the site every day. Help us spread the word!

  • We have no set-up or listing fees. It's easy and low-risk to open a shop.
  • We only take 2.5% of each sale. That's lower than any other handmade marketplace.
  • We listen to feedback! We promise to take your ideas back to our team.
  • We have a small team. Have a question? Let's talk.
  • We love our shop owners! We always keep you in mind when building new features.

Where did “Goodsmiths” come from?

Essentially, our name means 'goods makers', but we liked the term 'smiths' because (we think) it sounds nice and nostalgic. And it highlights the incredible skill of our shop owners. With the 'Good' part, we wanted to show that Goodsmiths is more than a site for selling stuff — our goods are, well, good! And the all-important 's' on the end says we're a collective of like-minded makers. We're a community.

Ready to start buying or selling on Goodsmiths? Sign up for an account or create your shop. We'll get back to you in no time.