Sky Blue Navy Azure Shark Cotton / Vinyl Wallet


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This convenient, pocket-sized, bi-fold wallet is made of a cotton print encased in clear vinyl. The inside has two clear, vinyl pockets to easily view your ID/contents. The vinyl can expand and contract based on what you put in the wallet, so while empty it has a slim profile, it can hold a quite a bit. If you look at the 3rd picture, on the left it shows what the wallet looks like empty. On the right it shows what the wallet looks like when all the contents of the 4th picture are put into the wallet. As you can see, each pocket can hold 15 or more cards + cash, receipts, whatever else you want to throw in there. The vinyl also has a "memory" so when you take items out, it will slowly shrink back. So don't worry about stretching! One of the great things about the slim profile is that the wallet stays compact so you won't feel it when you sit down. It's great to use for bus passes, going out at night, or your everyday back pocket wallet.

Folded measures 4.5" x 3.5". Cotton and vinyl are both recyclable. Grommet for a chain wallet can be added for an additional $2. (Message for details.)

Also available in checkbook size! (Message for details.)

*Pattern orientation may change from wallet to wallet due to the size/repeat of the fabric.





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