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Goodsmiths News »
Rooms Threads Thoughts
Allow us to share our (super) exciting projects.
Last Post: Launch of Goodsmiths Local coming soon! by James Eliason 1 day ago
28 110
New Features
A better marketplace is only a release away.
Last Post: Shop Love (Feedback system) now live! by James Eliason about 1 month ago
12 102
Site Suggestions
Help us improve Goodsmiths! Your feedback is like gold to us.
Last Post: Blog Comments & Facebook by Mary Behrens 2 days ago
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Maker Corner »
Rooms Threads Thoughts
Whatever it mimics, make something stunning.
Last Post: What inspires you? by Nancy Giangrande 3 months ago
2 14
Throwers unite! Share your earthy projects with the crowd.
Last Post: Help! I have the shipping blues! by Sonia Poehlein 5 months ago
2 13
No diamonds here - beads, wires, stones and jump rings are a girl's best friends.
Last Post: The Obligatory "Hi, I'm new!" Post by Nancy Giangrande 12 days ago
21 154
Knits & Fibers
Pick up your needles (or sit down to spin). And stay a while!
Last Post: Stitch and b*tch by Nancy Giangrande 7 months ago
6 52
Folding, gluing, bending, writing, cutting, printing...get inspired by paper's versatility.
Last Post: Origami? by Nancy Giangrande 6 months ago
4 11
Blankets or bags? Modern or traditional? Hand quilting or machine? Find your people.
Last Post: More MODERN by debbiezjohnson about 1 year ago
4 20
The room for fashionistas, accessorizors, upcyclers and interior decorators. Grab your Singer.
Last Post: What's in your hoop? by Rhonda Cooley 4 months ago
2 28
Life on the loom - glorious. What are you working on these days?
Last Post: Currently On The Looms by Lorraine Bailey about 1 year ago
1 11
Power tools + nature. Is there anything more awesome?
Last Post: Whatcha been making in the shop? by Barry Elings 11 months ago
2 11
Candles, Bath & Body
The spot for candle makers. Share your recent projects, tips and tricks.
Last Post: Everything For The Bath by norma's bath and body 9 months ago
9 38
Zombies, Star Wars, Skyrim and more. Get your geek on.
Last Post: Which Kind of Geek are you? by Nancy Giangrande 3 months ago
3 9
Artist Chat
A smorgasbord of maker conversation. Join in!
Last Post: Happy Friday Everyone! by Nancy Giangrande about 1 month ago
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Selling Tips »
Rooms Threads Thoughts
Get inspired with these pro tips from Goodsmiths and other sellers
Last Post: Closing Shop by Nancy Giangrande 28 days ago
5 27
Stay social, makers. Not just for fun, this is a powerful marketing tool you can leverage.
Last Post: Listing your items and sharing them to Facebook by Debbie Wells 10 months ago
2 12
Google +
You can reach a new audience on this new platform. +1.
Last Post: Goodsmiths' G+ Window Will Not Accept My URL In Any Format by Sandi Holland 3 months ago
3 14
Pins are powerful - use them to drive traffic to your shop.
Last Post: Christmas Time by Christina Bader 6 months ago
2 13
Microblog your way to more sales.
Last Post: Timing and Tweeting by Birgitte Sciarretta over 1 year ago
1 2
Goodsmiths Shopkeepers »
Rooms Threads Thoughts
Setting up a Goodsmiths shop
Welcome aboard! We are so thrilled to have you on Goodsmiths. Here is your place to ask questions on setting up your shop!
Last Post: Google Analytics - What is your highest number of views for a single day? by Mary Behrens 3 months ago
30 108
Top Questions & Answers from shops
Some top Q&A from shop owners who have contacted us
Last Post: Is anyone selling anything? by Sue Waggoner 4 days ago
76 411
Holiday Ideas for Shopkeepers
We're getting ready for the holidays! Are you?
Last Post: Valentine's Day Show what you've got! by Nancy Giangrande 3 months ago
7 25
Shop Promotion
Promote your Goodsmiths shop to others and help spread the love for all things Goodsmiths!
Last Post: Drive Traffic to your Vintage Shop for Free by Mary Behrens 3 days ago
6 40