hedgeapple fiber studio

Mary may have a little lamb, but we have Icelandic sheep — and three llamas, one goat, four angora bunnies, a handful of chickens and one lone duck. I think it’s safe to say we have Mary beat.

Over the years, I acquired a flock of sheep and learned to spin. When I began in earnest seven years ago, I spun wool every day for a year! I came to love my sheep and their wool. And with my spinning obsession came a need to use the yarn. Now, weaving has become my second passion.

My products come from natural fibers — either my own wool or local wool. Art yarn is my favorite to spin and dye. I do it all by hand.

Wool is at the heart of my hobbies and household. We even use handmade, 100%-wool dryer balls for our laundry.