Carla's Candles

About 6 years ago a desire to learn a new hobby; lead me to the local craft store, I found a candle making kits and decided to try it. I figured the worse would be really bad candles and I could burn them myself and that would be it.

Little did I know that I was starting a wonderful new obsession in my life, I love to make candles no matter what kind. I was immediately drawn to the variety of scents and textures of the various waxes of candles. I found the best quality materials to create fragrant, unique, and beautiful candles. From pillars, to votives, and container, if I have wax I’m making candles.

The dots started by accident but have become the main focus of my candle making. The dot wax is scented and colored in a variety of 50+ scents and 20+ shades. I started with making your own candles as an activity at parties and it grew to participating in street fairs.
Everywhere I go with my make your own candles people love to make them. I started offering them online as gifts and the response has been great. If you have never made your own candle you have to try it today. I hope you all enjoy making your own candles as much as I do. Enjoy.